KANDA, Akikami

神田 開主
KANDA, Akikami

1986 埼玉県生まれ 群馬県在住
2009 日本写真芸術専門学校 卒業

2011 同研究科 修了

2009 "真昼の夜空" 新宿ニコンサロン、大阪ニコンサロン Juna21
2012 "追想の地図" 新宿ニコンサロン、大阪ニコンサロン Juna21
2014 "地図を歩く" 銀座ニコンサロン
2016 "壁" 銀座ニコンサロン、大阪ニコンサロン
2016 "壁" ギャラリー冬青

2015 "私はここにいます 9th" サロン・ド・ヴェール 小諸

2014 "地図を歩く-Walking On a Map-" 冬青社
2016 "壁-Looking Intently-" 冬青社

1986 Born in Saitama Prefecture,Japan
2009 Nippon Photography Institute, Photo Art Course

2011 Nippon Photography Institute,Postgraduate Course

2009 "Night Sky Noon" at Nikon Salon in Shinjuku and Osaka
2012 "Map as Recollection" at Nikon Salon in Shinjuku and Osaka
2014 "Walking On a Map" at Nikon Salon in Ginza
2016 "Wall" at Nikon Salon in Ginza and Osaka
2016 "Wall" at Tosei-sha Tokyo Japan

Group Event
2015 "The here in there 9th" at Salon de Vert Komoro Japan

2014 "Walking On a Map-Walking On a Map-" Tosei-sha Tokyo Japan
2016 "Wall-Looking Intently-" Tosei-sha Tokyo Japan

Member KANDA’s Solo-Exhibition

His new exhibition, titled “視線をむすぶ”, will start. 2019.February 15-28 At epSITE, in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan. His site is here. … Continue reading